21 – Altie the River Monster – Darien GA



On today’s podcast Brett and Harley dive deep into the legend of Georgia’s nastiest river monster? We discuss the similarities between the Altamaha-ha monster and Nessie of Loch Ness, Champ of lake Champlaign and others. Is Altie an alligator gar, a manatee, an anaconda or a hold-over from the dinosaurs? Is it’s sole porpoise in life to terrify fishermen or did the city of Darien, Ga invent it to draw in the tourist dollars?

What do the Cryptozoologist believe it to be? Is there a cryptid based restaurant that serves a good Altie and chips? All this and more.

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Illinois Weird Laws
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20 – Forepaugh Restaurant – St. Paul, MN



Forepaugh’s Restaurant was a 1870’s manor turned restaurant in St Paul, that is reported to be haunted by the original owner and his maid made mistress.

Join Brett and Harley as they unravel the history of this 5 star restaurant haunt. How did their forbidden love end so tragically? Are they trapped in our realm and doomed to never meet again…or are they living out their love affair over your beef wellington? Brett and Harley take some jabs at the current ghost hunter phenomenon.

Helpful Links:
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19 – Wematekan’is – High Bridge, NJ – The Jersey Shire



Happy Pie Day! On tonight’s episode, Brett and Harley tip-toe through the Jersey Shire on a quest to track the most elusive Wematekan’is. Wematekan’is are part of the Lenape Tribe’s lore in and around the High Bridge, NJ area. Are these creatures gnomes, leprechauns, dwarves or sprites? Are they the messengers of the Great Spirit or visitors from parts un-gnome? Are the local UFO abductions just a little mischief from the little locals and how do the Hopkinsville Goblins fit in?

In the news – Japan’s job fair for ninjas and Area 51 has a new half-cousin, Area 6.

P.S. Fae Folk may not be the only F word in this episode.

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Full time ninja, Apply within – Full Time Ninja, Apply within

18 – Forrest Fenn’s Hidden Treasure – Santa Fe, NM



Harley and Brett have dug up another gem for you. Would you like $2 million dollars in treasure? Today we discuss the a treasure hidden by Forrest Fenn, a modern day Indiana Jones. After a lifelong career treasure hunting, Forrest has made it his mission to get you and your kids off of the couch. He has hidden this treasure and left clues, National Treasure style. We will give you the clues, steer you away from the pitfalls and throw in the meaning of life. Who is Forrest Fenn? What do you need to find the treasure? Who has the best pizza in Santa Fe? Why is Ralph Lauren searching the closets in Santa Fe?

Also, we discuss the pyramid in Antarctica and Dracula’s Zillow listing.

Treasure hunter disappears searching for 2 million in gold.
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Antarctica Pyramid story
Rooftop Pizzaria – Yelp
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17 – The Hopkinsville Goblin Case – Hopkinsville, KY



Join Harley and Brett as they back-flip into the mystery of the Hopkinsville Goblin Case of 1955. Also called the Kelly Green Men case, this UFO encounter is a little different from the accounts of Roswell or Phoenix. Was it a case of a close encounter or was it a case of Old Milwaukee? Project Blue Book called it a hoax, but is that the whole story?

The town of Hopkinsville
Kelly Green Men Encounter
Hopkinsville Goblins
Men in Black
Harper House
UFO base or Whale farts?

Second Hand News Ep.1 – 2-22-2016



Bless this mess. Harley and Brett discuss all the news that is unfit for publication as we transition to our new diggs.

Did NASA build a huge boombox on the dark side of the moon? Are we being invaded by Aliens that are obsessed with Twitter? Is JayZ old news? Did England use Jedi mind tricks on their colonies?

Join us as we “blow the lid off” the conspiracy of Oprah, Obama and the faked moon landing!


16 – Ringing Rocks – Upper Black Eddy, PA



Happy Valentine’s Day!

There is a bolder field in Pennsylvania in which about half of all the rocks ring when struck…..as opposed to the normal thud you expect….and science doesn’t know why.

Ringing Rocks Park is a 128 acre park located in Upper Black Eddy. On today’s episode, we discuss the mystical properties of the ringing rocks as well as other rock based mysteries….you should “tune” in. From Stonehenge to Machu Picchu, Easter Island to the blarney stone, we are going to crack this geological mystery wide open. What does science know about these stones? Are these rocks killing the animal and plant life? What did scientist from Lafayette College find out about the ringing rocks?

What are the mystical properties associated with stones? Was this phenomenon caused by a UFO, radiation, or ley lines?

We will also examine the CIAs tips for investigating UFO reports, and why they would release this info to the public.

As a bonus, we will investigate the mysteries of Homestead Coffee Roasters. Is it a coffee shop, a general store, a restaurant, or a coffee roaster?

Photo courtesy of Conner Covington

15 – Damascus, OR – Temple of Oculus Anubis



Damascus, OR is home to a very strange oddity dubbed “the creepiest place in Oregon.” The Temple of Oculus Anubis is shrouded in mystery, and is the center of a multitude of conspiracies. Join us as we discuss Damascus. Is this the home of a cult, the meeting house of the Illuminati, King Tut’s rec room, a gate to hell, or just another Satanic sacrificial alter?

We also discuss the CIA’s recent release of their 50 year exploration of the UFO phenomenon. E.T. don’t phone home…”they” are recording your calls.


14 – Lake Tahoe, CA – Tessie


Tahoe Tessie

Tahoe Tessie. Is she a lake monster, a dinosaur left over from the Jurassic period, a tool for the Mob, or something even more sinister? Is the Power Rangers TV franchise cursed?

Join Brett and Harley as we dive into this cryptic cryptid. We will discuss the legend of Tessie, the town of Tahoe, the best pasta in town. We also have an exclusive interview with the wise and legendary Conner.


13 – New Haven, CT – Skull and Bones



On today’s episode, Brett and Harley have a bone to pick with the mystery surrounding the Skull and Bones. Join us as we “tap” into this juicy subject. What does it take to get into the Skull and Bones? Who are it’s members? How does the Illuminati fit in? Hopefully this makes it to you before some nameless government agency get to it first, and makes us part of the conspiracy.

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