110 – Flying Heads – Northville, NY


On this week’s episode, Harley and Brett are loading the van for a trip into the forest in Adirondack Park, in Northville, New York.

Brett is self-medicating with probiotics, and that is not the weirdest thing that is happening in this episode.
We are investigating the Flying Heads, a cannibalistic monster or spirit from Iroquois and Wyandot mythology. This legend breaks all of the rules, so don’t try to use your movie knowledge to get away from this show.

Northville, NY is just one of the towns that is associated with the Adirondack Park, and there is something for everyone here. Its 6 million acres is home to 105 villages and they never lock the gates. This place has an endless selection of breathtaking hiking trails, kayaking, canoeing, breweries, wineries and more.

Harley and Brett found another Travel Oddities first, a restaurant that you can float right up to. Float into the Sports Island Pub and Restaurant and have yourself a cheesesteak!

The Travel Oddities Top Five is playing shirts versus skins against NY and NY picked skins…

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Odd Facts about NY
Flying Head Wiki
Sports Island Pub
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