50 – Devil’s Tower – Hulett, WY



Lace up your climbing shoes, cause we a scaling a mountain of an oddity with Brett and Harley on this trip to a spiritual icon! On this week’s episode, we travel to Hulett, WY to check out the Devil’s Tower. Richard Dreyfus might make a return visit from the stars to hear about the Devil’s Tower they don’t want you to know about. Whether you want to experience nature in all her glory, take part in a traditional vision quest or if you just have a NEED to be here(and you are out of mashed potatoes), this place has it all. This place is so awesome, it has at least a dozen different names. We like places that are off the beaten path, and the Devil’s Tower does not disappoint. As the first national monument ever, this place is steeped in history and mystery. We discuss the history of this locale and what you need to know if you are going to make the trek….oh and this is our 50th episode…how cool is that?

Our news story, from the UK mirror covers a 250,000 year old piece of aluminum. Is this proof that aliens have visited us in the past, or that humanity was once more advanced than we have been lead to beleive?

If you are planning a trip to Wyoming, these are just a few other activities that you might be interested in checking out:

Rogue’s Gallery – 155 Main Street Hwy 24, Hulett, WY 82720 – Studio of Western Artist Bob Coronato and a Gallery of Fine Art along with a Museum and Gallery of 19th Century American Indian items, Beadwork and weapons.

The 4th of July Fireworks Display at Devils Tower.

Don’t miss “Ride a Horse, Feed a Cowboy,” an annual celebration in September, when locals ride their horses into town, followed by live music, branding buildings, poker tournament, and rodeo.

Brett’s top 5 things you didn’t know about Wyoming list.

We also discuss the best restaurant in Hulett.

We have an new ODD Challenge brought to us by our favorite Viking.

All this and more on episode 50 of the Travel Oddities Podcast.

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48 – Bigfoot Conference – Honobia, OK



Better throw out your GPS for this trip with Brett and Harley as they take you to the mountains of Oklahoma! On this week’s episode, we travel to Honobia, OK to check out the Honobia Bigfoot Conference. Where else are you going to find bigfoot, but in the mountains of Oklahoma. The people of this town are super nice and they can point you in the direction of all of the bigfoot hangouts. Bigfoot may not be the only cryptid walking in these woods, but he is the only one that gets his own conference. We like to support cool people doing cool things, and what is cooler than having a bigfoot event to raise scholarship money for the local youths. Bigfoot has been around these parts for as far back as anyone can remember, but was brought to the attention in 2001 when a horrifying encounter made the news. We discuss the event that happens at the beginning of every October and some of the cool people we me along the way. This is an epic oddity hidden away in a scenic location.

Our news story is truly disgusting and ripped from the headlines. ScienceNews.org brings us a new super-food.

If you are planning a trip to Honobia, these are just a few other activities that you might be interested in checking out:

Beavers Bend State Park 45 minutes away – Eagle watches are available from November through February. Trout fishing, fly fishing clinics, guided horseback rides, and hayrides throughout the park are other activities offered at Beavers Bend.

Robbers Cave State Park 1 hour away – This park is a favorite of rappellers, equestrians, hikers and outdoor lovers. Robbers Cave is historically notable as a former hideout for infamous outlaws Belle Starr and Jesse James.

Brett’s top 5 things you didn’t know about Oklahoma list.

We also discuss one of the best burgers in Oklahoma.

All this and more on episode 47 of the Travel Oddities Podcast.

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