101 – Blythe Intaglios – Blythe, CA


Brett and Harley are traveling back to the west coast, to get a bird’s eye view of an oddity that Giorgio Tsoukalos would flip his lid to visit. Welcome to Blythe, CA, home of the mysterious Blythe Intaglios.

The story of the Blythe Intaglios starts several thousand years ago….or in a galaxy far, far away. The mysterious builders of these gigantic geoglyphs are still an unknown. Don’t you worry, we have more than a theory or two and we are here to share.

Aside from being home to one mystical oddity, Blythe California is known as the center of the water sport universe and is one of the most beautiful stretches of California desert that you can find.

We also found a gem of a spot for any rock-hound. The Hauser Geode Beds are famous for the rich and varied gem filled geodes, hiking camping and family fun.

With a rebel yell, The Travel Oddities Podcast cried, more, more, more…BBQ. Rebel BBQ is the embodiment of everything a restaurant should be and they have a BLT that tears me up just writing this.

The Top 5 from California includes several break-downs by Brett and Harley, but we were setup by Amy. …so really listen to the show or the tree-huggers win!

Blythe Intaglios
Hauser Geode Beds
Rebel BBQ
Music by Mike Masse

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