107 – Philmont Scout Ranch Gateway – Cimarron NM


The whole Travel Oddities team were out investigating this weekend, and although this episode is not a result of this week’s oddity, there are some eerie similarities.

On this episode we discuss the Philmont Scout Ranch Gateway in Cimarron, NM. This place is beyond description and you are going to be scared to hell…or at least the way inside.

This oddity is spooky but if you don’t have the heart for this level of scary. The Aztec Mill museum in the Cimarron Historic District, might be more to your liking. The collection includes Native American tools, weapons and pottery.

The top 5 might be offensive, but you probably wouldn’t understand it if it is.(I do not believe this is a proper sentence)

Harley has a great business idea, but we are not sure that it is going to fly with HR.

Amy shares a super scary story From The Archives.

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, and with don’t think you will be pissed about this one.

Philmont Scout Ranch
Cimarron NM
Sangre Chronicle
Aztec Grist Mill Museum
Cold Beer
Outro Music
Outro by Wax Audio (Tom Compagnoni)

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