67 – Bell Rock Vortex – Sedona, AZ


On this week’s episode, Brett and Harley take an existential trip to Sedona, AZ in search of enlightenment at the Bell Rock Vortex.

We are completely sold on this oddity, and Brett already has a bag packed.

We had a great interview with our “boots on the ground” expert, Sue-Ellen Barker. Sue-Ellen is a tour guide with Sedona Red Rock tours and she really knows her vortexes, vortices….she really knows her vortex stuff.

Sue-Ellen gives us the skinny on all of the metaphysical activities in the area as well as some activities for the normals(you know who you are).

In The News: A school that teaches the ways of the force, but they can’t say that. The Silver Sabres Combat Academy might “force” you to exercise.

We discuss Sedona, but let’s be honest, we couldn’t wrap up Sedona in a year of shows.

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, and our tour guide pointed us in the direction of the best pizza in the tri-state area.

Brett’s Top 5 has cowboys and Native Americans.

Sedona Red Rock Tours
Sedona Vortex Retreats
info [at] sedonadestinations [dot] com
928 – 282 – 0993

Picazzo’s Pizza
Silver Sabres Combat Academy
News – Business Insider UK
Top 5 from Movoto
Mike Masse and Jeff Hall – The Sound of Silence
Music by Mike Masse

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56 – Bobby Mackeys Hell Gate – Wilder, KY


Hop in the pickup with Harley,Brett, and Josh and “head” on down to Bobby Mackey’s Music world in Wilder, KY. Where they have a date at Hell’s Gate. Heads will roll and blood will spill as they attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding this infamous haunt. This haunted honky tonk offers more spirits than a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. Ghostly cowboys, pregnant poltergeists, and guy named COOOOOORAL.
Can you hang with the legend or will you end up on the killing floor. Brett sends out a heartfelt apology to Kentuckians around the world and promises not to do that “one thing EVER again”
In The News- There is SNOW in the forecast. Fishermen reel in a Kilo of Blow and immediately test it for quality assurance. We have audio of the Disco Dust recovery and all the deets of the deep Sea Booger Sugar rescue.

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