108 – The Haunted Bush House Inn – Index WA


On this week’s episode, Harley and Brett get “high” into the mountains to explore one of the most beautiful places in the US, Index, WA.

We discuss the The Haunted Bush House. This is not a reference to a haunted marijuana grow house and we do not believe that it is haunted by George W.

This oddity is spooky, but don’t let that sway you from this gorgeous wildlife mountains.

The views are breathtaking and the outdoorsy fun is dialed up to eleven, and we have a Travel Oddities first with the other activity.

No Episode of the Travel Oddities Podcast would be complete without a place to grab a bite, and we found the COOLEST place ever. Don’t miss this restaurant….Jesus is making the chicken!

The Top 5 is a little squatchy, but watch what you say or you could end up in the slammer.

Steven’s Pass
Index, Washington
Bush House Inn
Whistling Post
Louis Xavier – outro song
Jay Rae Yarncrafting

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